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  • Manager's ReportManager’s Report – June Newsletter written May 4, 2015 The completed cost of service report was delivered at the April Board Meeting. Rich Macke, Vice President of Economics, Rates and Business Planning with Power Systems Engineers presented data as to how individual rates are tracking with the actual cost of service. This information included cost recovery between rate classes as well as recovery within each rate class. The ultimate goal in the decision making process is to strive for equity within each rate class. The general consensus is that cost causers should be cost payers. Read more »thumbnail
  • Commitment To CommunityThe Touchstone Energy Cooperative of South Dakota will present free to everyone “How to Play It Safe" a dramatic Electrical Safety Demonstration held during the Black Hills Stock Show. People of all ages will enjoy this shocking demonstration that will leave an impression that lasts a lifetime. Two shows 8:30 A.M. & 10:00 A.M. Tuesday, February 3, Main Arena Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. This should definitely be on your bucket list!! Read more »
  • Protect Your Valuable CropThis year's wet spring could pose safety hazards for area farmers and ranchers. Moreau-Grand Electric Cooperative is encouraging area producers to stack hay bales away from power lines. Our electric co-op is concerned that some members may be tempted to stack their bales below power lines. That’s a bad idea. Stacking bales beneath power lines also could pose Read more »thumbnail
  • Membership Update FormMoreau-Grand Electric Cooperative is in the process of updating our membership files. With your help, we can make sure we have the most up to date information. This is very important during an outage. Read more »
  • Investing In YourselfThere are many good reasons to conserve energy. As individuals, if we use less gas, oil and electricity, we will save money. If we all do it as a nation, we can reduce our dependence on foreign sources and slow the need to build additional plants and refineries. Conservation of energy has both personal and societal benefits. Read more »
  • Online Energy Audit ToolMoreau-Grand Electric Cooperative joins the other Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives throughout the nation in offering co-op members another tool to manage their energy use and reduce costs. Read more »
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a hand-drawn guide to the history,
structure and purpose of
rural electric cooperatives.

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